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Some Additional Multiple Imputation Functions, Especially for 'mice'

complete.miceaddsCreates Imputed Dataset from a 'mids.nmi' or 'mids.1chain'...
crlremR Utilities: Removing CF Line Endings
cxxfunction.copyR Utilities: Copy of an 'Rcpp' File
data.allisonDatasets from Allison's _Missing Data_ Book
data.endersDatasets from Enders' _Missing Data_ Book
data.grahamDatasets from Grahams _Missing Data_ Book
data.internetDataset Internet
data.largescaleLarge-scale Dataset for Testing Purposes (Many Cases, Few...
datalist2midsConverting a List of Multiply Imputed Data Sets into a 'mids'...
data.maExample Datasets for 'miceadds' Package
data.smallscaleSmall-Scale Dataset for Testing Purposes (Moderate Number of...
datlist_createCreates Objects of Class 'datlist' or 'nested.datlist'
draw.pv.cttPlausible Value Imputation Using a Known Measurement Error...
filename_splitSome Functionality for Strings and File Names
files_moveMoves Files from One Directory to Another Directory
fleishman_simSimulating Univariate Data from Fleishman Power Normal...
grep.vecR Utilities: Vector Based Versions of 'grep'
GroupMeanCalculation of Groupwise Descriptive Statistics for Matrices
in_CIIndicator Function for Analyzing Coverage
index.dataframeR Utilities: Include an Index to a Data Frame
jomo2datlistConverts a 'jomo' Data Frame in Long Format into a List of...
kernelpls.fit2Kernel PLS Regression
library_installR Utilities: Loading a Package or Installation of a Package...
lm.clusterCluster Robust Standard Errors for Linear Models and General...
lmer_vcovStatistical Inference for Fixed and Random Structure for...
load.dataR Utilities: Loading/Reading Data Files using 'miceadds'
load.RdataR Utilities: Loading 'Rdata' Files in a Convenient Way
ma_lme4_formula_termsUtility Functions for Working with 'lme4' Formula Objects
ma_rmvnormSimulating Normally Distributed Data
ma.scale2Standardization of a Matrix
ma.wtd.statNASome Multivariate Descriptive Statistics for Weighted Data in...
mi.anovaAnalysis of Variance for Multiply Imputed Data Sets (Using...
mice.1chainMultiple Imputation by Chained Equations using One Chain
miceadds-defunctDefunct 'miceadds' Functions
miceadds-packageSome Additional Multiple Imputation Functions, Especially for...
miceadds-utilitiesUtility Functions in 'miceadds'
mice.impute.2l.contextual.pmmImputation by Predictive Mean Matching or Normal Linear...
mice.impute.2l.latentgroupmean.MLImputation of Latent and Manifest Group Means for Multilevel...
mice_impute_2l_lmerImputation of a Continuous or a Binary Variable From a...
mice.impute.2lonly.functionImputation at Level 2 (in 'miceadds')
mice.impute.bygroupGroupwise Imputation Function
mice.impute.eapImputation of a Variable with a Known Posterior Distribution
mice.impute.groupedImputation of a Variable with Grouped Values
mice.impute.hotDeckImputation of a Variable Using Probabilistic Hot Deck... Imputation Using 'lme4'
mice.impute.plausible.valuesPlausible Value Imputation using Classical Test Theory and...
mice.impute.plsImputation using Partial Least Squares for Dimension...
mice.impute.pmm3Imputation by Predictive Mean Matching (in 'miceadds')
mice.impute.tricube.pmmImputation by Tricube Predictive Mean Matching
mice.impute.weighted.pmmImputation by Weighted Predictive Mean Matching or Weighted...
mice_initsArguments for 'mice::mice' Function
mice.nmiNested Multiple Imputation
micombine.chisquareCombination of Chi Square Statistics of Multiply Imputed...
micombine.corInference for Correlations and Covariances for Multiply...
micombine.FCombination of F Statistics for Multiply Imputed Datasets...
mids2datlistConverting a 'mids', 'mids.1chain' or 'mids.nmi' Object in a...
mids2mlwinExport 'mids' object to MLwiN
mi_dstatCohen's d Effect Size for Missingness Indicators
ml_mcmcMCMC Estimation for Mixed Effects Model
NestedImputationListFunctions for Analysis of Nested Multiply Imputed Datasets
nestedList2ListConverting a Nested List into a List (and Vice Versa)
NMIwaldtestWald Test for Nested Multiply Imputed Datasets
nnig_simSimulation of Multivariate Linearly Related Non-Normal...
output.format1R Utilities: Formatting R Output on the R Console
pca.covridgePrincipal Component Analysis with Ridge Regularization
pool_miStatistical Inference for Multiply Imputed Datasets
pool.mids.nmiPooling for Nested Multiple Imputation
RevalR Utilities: Evaluates a String as an Expression in R
Rfunction_include_argument_valuesUtility Functions for Writing R Functions
Rhat.miceRhat Convergence Statistic of a 'mice' Imputation
round2R Utilities: Rounding DIN 1333 (Kaufmaennisches Runden)
RsessinfoR Utilities: R Session Information
save.dataR Utilities: Saving/Writing Data Files using 'miceadds'
save.RdataR Utilities: Save a Data Frame in 'Rdata' Format
scale_datlistAdding a Standardized Variable to a List of Multiply Imputed...
scan.vectorR Utilities: Scan a Character Vector
source.allR Utilities: Source all R or 'Rcpp' Files within a Directory
stats0Descriptive Statistics for a Vector or a Data Frame
str_C.expand.gridR Utilities: String Paste Combined with 'expand.grid'
subset_datlistSubsetting Multiply Imputed Datasets and Nested Multiply...
sumpreserving.roundingSum Preserving Rounding
systimeR Utilities: Various Strings Representing System Time
tw.imputationTwo-Way Imputation
VariableNames2StringStringing Variable Names with Line Breaks
visitSequence.determineAutomatic Determination of a Visit Sequence in 'mice'
with.miceaddsEvaluates an Expression for (Nested) Multiply Imputed...
write.datlistWrite a List of Multiply Imputed Datasets
write.fwf2Reading and Writing Files in Fixed Width Format
write.mice.imputationExport Multiply Imputed Datasets from a 'mids' Object
write.psppWriting a Data Frame into SPSS Format Using PSPP Software
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