Man pages for alexploner/Heatplus
Heatmaps with row and/or column covariates and colored clusters

annHeatmapAnnotated heatmaps
annHeatmap2Annotated heatmaps
breakColorsColor palette for (symmetric) breaks
BrewerClusterColColor scheme for clusters
convAnnDataConverting data frames for display as annotation
doLegendA simple legend
g2r.colorsPalette from green to red via black
heatmap_2Display Data as Heatmap
heatmapLayoutGenerate a layout for an (annotated) heatmap
heatmap_plusDisplay an Annotated Heatmap
modifyExistingListOverride existing list entries
niceBreaksGet nice (symmetric) breaks for an interval
oldCutplot.dendrogramPlot Subtrees of a Dendrogram in Different Colors
oldPicketplotBarplots for Several Binary Variables
picketPlotDisplay a data frame of annotation information
plot.annHeatmapPlotting method for annotated heatmaps
print.annHeatmapPrinting information about annotated heatmaps
regHeatmapRegular heatmaps with a legend
RGBColVecAlternative color schemes
UndocumentedUndocumented functions
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