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The goal of BetaDivMultifun is to …


For installation, please consider the vignette how-to-use-this-package.Rmd.

Install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


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This is a basic example which shows you how to solve a common problem:

## basic example code

You’ll still need to render README.Rmd regularly, to keep up-to-date. devtools::build_readme() is handy for this. You could also use GitHub Actions to re-render README.Rmd every time you push. An example workflow can be found here:

You can also embed plots, for example:

In that case, don’t forget to commit and push the resulting figure files, so they display on GitHub and CRAN.

creating assembled_functions dataset

is described in 3 scripts in another github folder :

In this package, the required dataset is just read in and an analysis is performed. As the dataset was constructed from within this directory, the commits can be looked up here.

After installing the package and being connected to the “planteco” drive at IPS: * find the file nonpublic.R, it is stored at the “planteco” drive where the data is. * run nonpublic.R * run 1read_raw_datasets.Rmd then 2calc_raw_dataset.R * the file "~/Desktop/december2018_assembled_functions_dataset.csv" will be written on your Desktop.

Betadiversity formulae

After Baselga 2010, Global Ecology and Biogeography

\beta_{sor} = \frac{a + b}{a + b + 2c}

\beta_{sim} = \frac{min(a, b)}{min(a, b) + c}

\beta_{nes} = \frac{max(a, b) - min(a, b)}{min(a, b) + max(a, b) + 2c} * \frac{c}{c + min(a, b)}

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