Man pages for allanecology/BetaDivMultifun
Testing effects of multitrophic beta-diversity and land-use intensity (LUI) on ecosystem multifunctionality

add_back_missing_plots_species_combinationsAdd back missing plots x species combinations
beta.pair.abund_zerospeciesbeta.pair.abund handle plots without species
beta.pair_zerospeciesbeta.pair handle plots without species
calc_avg_number_of_biotic_abiotic_drivers_of_single_functionscalculate average number of biotic/abiotic/LUI drivers of...
calc_presenceabsenceConvert To Presence-Absence
colCombcombine columns
CompareToReferenceDatasetTest if column is identical with reference dataset
create_abio_barplotcreate plot abio
create_bio_aboveground_barplotcreate plot "p"
create_bio_belowground_barplotcreate plot bio belowground
create_gdm_lineplotcreate lineplots
create_overview_above_below_abiotic_barplotDEPRECIATED create plot Overview : Aboveground - belowground...
create_overview_barplotCreate Overview Barplot
create_overviewbar_restabCreate restab for overview bars
create_overview_turnover_nestedness_abiotic_barplotDEPRECIATED create plot Overview : turnover - newtedness -...
create_restabCreate the table for plotting
create_restab0create restab 0
create_restab2Create the table 2 for plotting
create_restab_3Create the table 3 for plotting
create_single_funs_overviewbar_plotCreate the overview plots for single functions models
create_single_funs_overviewbarsCreate the overview table for single functions models
find_and_supplement_missing_plotsFill number of plots to 150
get_nice_legendget legends of plots
get_random_number_from_truncated_normal_distGet random vector from a truncated normal distribution
hedoshow head in two directions
ksourceSourcing a Rmarkdown document
loadAndCleanEcosystemFunctionsload and clean functions dataset
loadAndCleanLUIload and clean LUI dataset
maxxCalculate the mean of top X values
model_namesGDM model names
multidivCalculate multifunctionality
panel.corPanel cor
panel.histPanel hist
paste_gdm_input_path_togethercreate GDM input file path
perform_missforest_imputationsMultiple imputation loop
plot_diagn_gdmPlot diagnistic Plot from gdm package
plotUncertainty_getsdplotUncertainty_getsd : Get GDM sd at max height
prepare_for_betapairPrepare for beta.part
scale01Normalisation / scale to 0 and 1
setNonpublicVariablesset nonpublic variables
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