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Methods for Industrial/Organizational Psychology

aiEstEstimate adverse impact given d and sr
aiPuxEstimate ai and average criterion scores for majority and...
aiPuxCompositeEstimate ai and average criterion scores for majority and...
asvabWee, Newman, & Joseph, (2014) ASVAB data
cor2dConvert from r to d
d2corConvert from d to r
dCompositeEstimates the d of a composite.
dls2007Decorte, Lievens, & Sackett (2007) example data
fuseComputes the correlation between two composites of items.
fuse2Computes the correlation between two composites of items...
fuseMatThe intercorrelation among items and composites made of these...
fuseVecComputes the correlations between a correlation matrix and a...
internal.checkIndexAre y_col and x_col appropriate indexs for r_mat?
internal.corAddAppends a new variable into a correlation matrix.
internal.fuseRmaTaylor-Russell Utility
internal.indexMatFinds rxx and rxy for a correlation matrix
internal.isCorMatIs a matrix a correlation matrix?
internal.relWtRelative weights
internal.unpackUnpacks key vector
internal.unpackMatUnpacks key matrix
internal.utilitySwitchUtility Input Switch
internal.wtPairAn internal function for generating criterion weights for XX...
lMvrrcLawley multivariate range restriction correction.
paretoXXComputes data needed for a XX Pareto plot.
paretoXYComputes data needed for a XY Pareto plot.
rcea1994Ree, Carretta, Earles, and Albert (1994)
reliabateDisattenuate a correlation matrix using an estimate of the...
relWtRelative weights
rmatWtR2Find R^2 given arbitrary predictor weights
solveBetaFind beta weights
solveR2Find R2
solveRegFind beta weights and R2
solveWtCritCorrelation between weighted criterion composite and...
solveWtPredCorrelation between weighted predictor composite and...
todoRaju-Cabrera-Lezotte Utility Model
trModelTaylor-Russell Ratio
utilityBBoudreau Utility Model.
utilityBcgBrogeden-Cronbach-Gleser Utility Model.
utilityRbnRaju-Burke-Normand Utility Model
utilityShpSchmidt-Hunter-Pearlman Utility Model.
uxThe average score of selected applicants on a predictor...
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