Man pages for almartin82/NYSEDtools
Data Management, Analysis, Visualization and Reporting Tools for NYSED L2RPT Data

appr_num_testedAPPR Number Tested
appr_performance_by_year_tableA function to make the APPR performance vs 2+ year...
appr_pliAPPR PLI table
calculate_cohortcaclculate cohort
cohort_performance_binsCohort Performance Bins
limit_ela_mathutility function to filter a sirs301 object
printprint method for 'sirs301' class
sirs301Create a sirs301 object
sirs301_ela_math_growthGenerate student-level growth scores from the SIRS301 tested...
sirs301_empty_scaffoldCreate empty scaffold for
sirs301_fill_scaffoldFill in the growth scaffold with data
sirs301_growth_calcsrun growth calculations given a completed scaffold
topline_performance_chartTopline Performance Chart
topline_performance_statsTopline Performance Stats
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