Man pages for alyssafrazee/polyester-release
Simulate RNA-seq reads

add_erroradd sequencing error to simulated reads
count_transcriptsdetermine how many transcripts are annotated in a FASTA or...
create_read_numbersGenerate a simulated data set based on known model parameters
fpkm_to_countsTurn FPKMs from a ballgown object into estimated counts for...
generate_fragmentsgenerate a set of fragments from a set of transcripts
getAttributeFieldextract a specific field of the "attributes" column of a data...
get_paramsEstimate zero-inflated negative binomial parameters from a...
get_readsget sequencing reads from fragments
gtf_dataframedata frame (in gtf-inspired format) for chromosome 22, hg19
NBDraw nonzero negative binomial random numbers
polyesterPolyester: simulating RNA-seq reads including differential...
reverse_complementreverse-complement some fragments
seq_gtfGet transcript sequences from GTF file and sequence info
simulate_experimentsimulate RNA-seq experiment using negative binomial model
simulate_experiment_countmatSimulate RNA-seq experiment
write_readswrite sequencing reads to disk
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