Man pages for amcdavid/HurdleNormal
'Estimation and sampling for multi-dimensional Hurdle models on a Normal density with applications to single-cell co-expression'

BlockDefine parameter groups
cgpathsGet a solution path for the CG model
collectStabilityProcess stability selected networks
conditionalCenterCenter data so that it has conditional column mean zero
eval_grid_hurdle_measureEvaluate a Riemann sum on a grid of points that includes zero
fitHurdleFit the hurdle model coordinate-by-coordinate on a sample
getConditionalMLELoop over indices and solve condiiton MLE
getGibbsUpdate the current gibbs sample for a 'HurdleStructure'
getSafeApproxReturn a function interpolating over a grid
ggally_hurdleWrapper so ggally can use 'geom_hurdle'
hn_plotPlot an igraph object
HurdleNormal-packageA Hurdle model is a modification of a distribution at zero....
HurdleStructureStructure to hold a model, samples and estimates
hushWarningSelectively muffle warnings based on output
interpolateEdgesInterpolate set of adjacency matrix across a set of edges
interpolateSummarizeCoefsInterpolate a solution path using approxFun and reduce the...
makeModelGenerate a design matrix corresponding to the 2-1-0 hurdle
plotSolPathPlot a solution path
promoteWarningSelectively convert a warnings to an error
rCondHurdle210Sample from the full conditional distribution
rGibbsHurdleSample from a multivariate hurdle model
setupStabilityIndexSet up the subsamples that will be taken for stability...
shalek2014_listSingle Cell RNAseq Expression Data from Shalek (2014)
sparseCbindRecursively flatten and bind together sparse matrices
stabilityRefit models for stability selection
unpackThetaConvert from old style to new style parameter vector or vice...
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