Man pages for ammaciel/lucC
Land Use Change Calculus

example_points_tsExample CSV with a time series set
example_tsexample file of time series set from sits
example_TWDTWExample CSV File
lucC_data_preparationFormat data as tibble format
lucC_event_transitionslucC Event Transitions
lucC_fromCSVOpen CSV file
lucC_fromJSONOpen JSON file
lucC_intervallucC Intervals
lucC_plot_area_eventsPlot Area Graphic with lucC Events
lucC_plot_bar_eventsPlot Barplot Maps with lucC Events
lucC_plot_frequency_eventsPlot Frequency Polygon with lucC Events
lucC_plot_maps_eventsPlot Events over Maps with lucC
lucC_plot_maps_inputPlot Input Maps
lucC_plot_sequence_eventsPlot Sequence Maps with lucC Events
lucC_predicate_holdsPredicate Allen Holds
lucC_relation_afterAllen Relation After
lucC_relation_beforeAllen Relation Before
lucC_relation_containsAllen Relation Contains
lucC_relation_duringAllen Relation During
lucC_relation_equalsAllen Relation Equals
lucC_relation_finished_byAllen Relation Finished By
lucC_relation_finishesAllen Relation Finishes
lucC_relation_followsAllen Relation Follows
lucC_relation_inAllen Relation In
lucC_relation_meetsAllen Relation Meets
lucC_relation_met_byAllen Relation Met By
lucC_relation_overlapped_byAllen Relation Overlapped By
lucC_relation_overlapsAllen Relation Overlaps
lucC_relation_precedesAllen Relation Precedes
lucC_relation_started_byAllen Relation Started By
lucC_relation_startsAllen Relation Starts
lucC_standard_date_eventslucC Apply TWDTW from SITS Format
lucC_starting_pointFormat data as tibble format
lucC_toGeoTIFFSave tibble as Raster in Folder
lucC_toJSONSave result as JSON format
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