Man pages for ammeir2/PSAT
Inference after Selection with Aggregate Testing

aggregatePvaluesPost Selection with Aggregate Testing for Independent...
coef.mvnLinearRetrieve Parameter Estimates from an mvnLinear Fit
coef.mvnQuadraticRetrieve Parameter Estimates from an mvnQuadratic Fit
coef.psatGLMRetrieve Coefficient Estimates from a psatGLM Fit
getCIRetrieve Selection Adjusted Confidence Intervals
getPvalRetrieve Selection Adjusted P-Values
getTestThresholdGet the Threshold for a General Quadratic Test
mvnLinearInference for Normal Means after Aggregate Testing with a...
mvnQuadraticInference for Normal Means after Aggregate Testing
plotEstimatesPlotting Functions for Post Aggregate Testing Inference...
plot.mvnLinearPlot results of mvnLinear Analyisis
plot.mvnQuadraticPlot results of mvnQuadratic Analyisis
plot.psatGLMPlot results for glmQuadratic Objects
predict.psatGLMRetrieve Linear Predictors from a psatGLM Fit
psatControlCreates a list of parameters for use with PSAT inference...
psatGLMInference for Generalized Linear Models Selected via an...
summary.psatGLMSummarizing psatGLM Fits
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