Man pages for andrewparkermorgan/mouser
Colour Schemes and Constants Related to Mouse Genetics

cc_colorsCanonical colour scheme for the founder strains of the...
cc_strainsGet the list of founder strains of the Collaborative Cross...
chrom_colorsCanonical colour scheme for denoting autosomes vs X...
chromnamesJust return chromosome names.
chromsizesGet chromosome lengths for a specific genome build.
chromsizes_cMChromosome lengths in cM.
chromsizes_mm10Shortcut to chromosome lengths for genome build mm10.
chromsizes_mm9Shortcut to chromosome lengths for genome build mm9.
factor_chromCreate a factor whose levels are chromosome names.
factor_chromtypeClassify chromosmes as X or autosome
legend_insideMove the legend inside plotting area
mus_colorsCanonical colour scheme for Mus taxa
mus_taxaGet a list of taxa in the genus Mus
palettesColor palettes related to mouse genetics for use with...
pseudoautosomal_boundaryReturn position of pseudoautosomal boundary on X chromosome
scale_y_power10Format axis labels as powers of 10
sex_colorsCanonical colour scheme for denoting male/female sex
sex_colors_lighterLighter colour scheme for denoting male/female sex
theme_classic2The "classic" scheme of 'ggplot2', with axis-line issue fixed...
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