Man pages for andrewparkermorgan/sfsr
Utilities for Manipulating Allele Frequency Spectra

aggregate_sfsAggreage an n-dimensional SFS into a single dimension
coarsen_sfsSummarize SFS into 5 bins on each axis
diversity_statsCalculate Watterson's estimator of theta
fixpolyCount fixed versus polymorphic sites in each of K spectra
flatten_sfsConvert SFS to vector representation for saving in a file
f_stCalculate F_st (genetic differentiation among populations)
hka_testPerform the HKA test.
marginalize_sfsGet an SFS with reduced dimensions
mask_cornersZero out frequency classes of fixed for ancestral or derived...
neutrality_testsCalculate Tajima's D
nobootsDiscard bootstrap replicates from an SFS
read_sfsRead 'flattened' site frequency spectrum (SFS) from a file
repolarize_sfsReverse the polarity (ancestral vs derived) of an SFS.
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