Man pages for andrewzm/atminv
Reproducible package for Section 4.1 of "Spatio-temporal bivariate statistical models for atmospheric trace-gas inversion"

blockclass@docType class @title Parent (virtual) class for all blocks...
check_md5Check md5 sum in cache directory
corr_zeta_fnCorrelation zeta
EMLaplace functions for the ATCP problem
gBox Cox transformations and related
GMRF_ARAutoregressive GMRF
GMRF_ARclass@docType class @title GMRF_AR
GMRFclass@docType class @title GMRF
GMRF_RWRandom walk GMRF
GMRF_RWclass@docType class @title GMRF_RW
LinePlotThemeLine-plot theme
logdetFind the log determinant
log_f_theta_fConditional for flux field parameters
log_f_theta_mConditional for mole-fraction field discrepancy parameters
md5_cachemd5 checksum function
md5_funGenerate md5 checksum from function
ObsObservation block
Obsclass@docType class @title observation block
preprocess_obsPre-processes observations
processclass@docType class @title Process block (virtual)
sample_GMRFSample from a GMRF
Yf_BC_conditionalsConditional for Yf
Yf_marg_approx_fnsFunctions for Yf
ZeromatCreate an empty sparse matrix
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