Man pages for andrie/mxNeuralNetExtra
Helper Functions to Make it Easier to Use neuralNet in the MicrosoftML Package

netSharpLayerCreate or test for objects of type netSharpLayer.
nnExtractIterationErrorExtract the percentage improvement in modeling error from...
nnExtractIterationImprovementExtract the percentage improvement in modeling error from...
nnExtractIterationsExtract iteration data from captured output of neuralNet...
nnExtractTotalModelWeightsExtract the the total number of model weights from a...
nnlayer_convConstruct a convolution layer.
nnlayer_fullCreate fully connected layer.
nnlayer_inputConstruct input layer for NET# definition.
nnlayer_normCreate response normalization layer.
nnlayer_outputDefine output layer.
nnlayer_poolCreate maximum pooling layer.
nnSerializeRead machine learning model from file.
readNetDefinitionReads a net definition from file.
reconstructNetDefinitionReconstruct the NET# net definition from an neuralNet object
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