Man pages for anthony-aylward/npbin

atacTable of allele counts etc. from an ATAC-seq dataset.
betaTrim_mleEfron null model
beta_varianceCalculate beta variance from shape parameters
bsplfunCreate B-spline.
bsplfun.updtUpdate B-spline.
color_paletteA color palette
convert_to_data_tableConvert input data frame to a data table
ctcfTable of allele counts etc. from a ChIP-seq dataset.
dbetabinom.vecBeta binomial density.
dnaseTable of allele counts etc. from a DNAse-seq dataset.
ebBetaWrap alternative models.
emBinBsplNPBin model.
emBsplDirect B-spline estimation.
estNullNull model estimation
estNull1Null model estimation
estNull2Null model estimation
evBsplB-spline evaluation.
evBsplDrvB-spline derivative evaluation.
getDesignMtxDesign matrix extraction
get_header_indicesGet the indices of required fields in a header.
iBiBsFunSpline basis function integration.
initialize_weightsInitialize weights
intBinBsplBinomial and B-spline integration.
locfdr2FDRConvert locfdr to FDR.
logical_to_winning_chipConvert a logical value to a character.
npbin_preprocess_countsPreprocess allele count data
npbin_preprocess_filePreprocess allele count data, handling a header if necessary.
overdispersionCalculate beta overdispersion from shape parameters
plot_estimated_nullPlot an estimated null distribution
rank2nhitConvert ranking to the number of discoveries
symmetric_beta_shape_from_varianceCalculate a symmetric shape parameter from the variance
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