Man pages for antiphon/rstrauss
Simulates Strauss point process, in 2D and 3D

approximate_strauss_constantApproximate Strauss constant (master function)
approximate_strauss_constant_OTapproximate Strauss constant using Ogata&Tanemura approx.
approximate_strauss_constant_penttinenapproximate Strauss constant using Penttinen84 approx.
approximate_strauss_constant_PSapproximate Strauss constant using Path sampling
approximate_strauss_constant_Rapproximate unconditional Strauss constant using Gaussian...
approximate_strauss_constant_R3approximate Strauss constant using Gaussian approx. of the...
bbox_cutCut coordinates with a bbox
bbox_dilatedilate bbox
bbox_distancedistance from points to bbox border
bbox_erodeErode a 3d box
bbox_volumebbox volume
convert_to_ppInterpret data
cutgeomCut the edges of from a geometric graph
dstraussdensity of a strauss process
fgibbsFit stationary and isotropic exp-family Gibbs process in 2D...
fgibbs.logisticFit exp-Gibbs processes to data using Logistic likelihood...
flennardjones.logisticFit Lennard-Jones process to data using Logistic likelihood...
fstraussFit stationary and isotropic Strauss process in 2D and 3D
fstrauss.bayesBayesian inference for stationary Strauss process
fstraussbiv.logisticFit bivariate Strauss process to data using Logistic...
fstrauss.directFit Strauss process to data using maximum approx. likelihood
fstrauss.logisticFit Strauss process to data using Logistic likelihood method
fstrauss.profileProfile pseudolikelihood for Strauss
fstrauss.vbMean field fit of Strauss process using pseudolikelihood...
fstrauss.vbllMean field fit of Strauss process using logistic likelihood...
geomgeometric graph
gibbs_potComputes the sufficient statistics for exp-Gibbs models
LambertWLambert's W function order 0
marginal_likelihoodCompute the marginal likelihood for Bayesian Strauss...
print.gibbsfitFit result object
print.straussfitFit result object
rstraussSimulate Strauss process in 2- or 3-dimensional box
rstrauss_cinternal call
strauss_betaSolve beta for Strauss given on n,gamma,range
strauss_intensityApproximate intensity for Strauss based on beta,gamma,range
strauss_theoryTheoretical maximum for the range parameter for hard core
vbstraussMean field fit of Strauss process using pseudolikelihood...
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