API for areyesq89/SummarizedBenchmark
A class and methods for benchmarks and comparisons across methods

Global functions
.modmethod Man page
Accessors Man page
BenchDesign Man page Source code
SummarizedBenchmark Man page Source code
SummarizedBenchmark-class Man page
addBMethod Man page Source code
addBMethod.BenchDesign Source code
addDefaultMetrics Man page
addPerformanceMetric Man page Source code
assayHasTruths Source code
assayNames Man page
assayNames,SummarizedBenchmark-method Man page
assayNames<-,SummarizedBenchmark,character-method Man page
availableMetrics Man page Man page Source code
buildBench Man page Source code
cleanBMethod Source code
cleanBMethods Source code
cleanPerformanceMetrics Source code
dropBMethod Man page Source code
dropBMethod.BenchDesign Source code
estimateMetricsForAssay Man page Source code
estimatePerformanceMetrics Man page Source code
evalBMethods Source code
evalBMethodsParallel Source code
expandBMethod Man page Source code
expandBMethod.BenchDesign Source code
funcMeta Source code
groundTruths Man page Man page
groundTruths,SummarizedBenchmark-method Man page
groundTruths<- Man page
groundTruths<-,SummarizedBenchmark-method Man page Man page
is.BenchDesign Man page Source code
mcols<-,SummarizedBenchmark-method Man page
modifyBMethod Man page Source code
modifyBMethod.BenchDesign Source code
modmethod Source code
performanceMetrics Man page Man page Man page
performanceMetrics,SummarizedBenchmark-method Man page
performanceMetrics<- Man page
performanceMetrics<-,SummarizedBenchmark,SimpleList-method Man page
performanceMetricsSB Source code
plotMethodsOverlap Man page Source code
plotROC Man page Source code
print.BenchDesign Man page Source code
sb Man page
sb.FNR Source code
sb.FPR Source code
sb.Lpnorm Source code
sb.TNR Source code
sb.TPR Source code
sb.adjustedRandIndex Source code
sb.correlation Source code
sb.hamming Source code
sb.rejections Source code
sb.sdad Source code
showBMethod Man page Source code
showBMethods Man page Source code
tdat Man page
tidyUpMetrics Man page Source code
truthdat Man page
txi Man page
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