Man pages for areyesq89/SummarizedBenchmark
Classes and methods for performing benchmark comparisons

addMethodAdd new method to BenchDesign object
addPerformanceMetricAdd a performance metric definition to a...
allSBSummarizedBenchmark object of isoform quantification results
BDDataCreate a new BDData
BDData-classBDMethod class
BDMethodCreate a new BDMethod
BDMethod-classBDMethod class
BDMethodListCreate a new BDMethodList
BDMethodList-accessorsBDMethodList Accessors
BDMethodList-classBDMethodList class
BenchDesignCreate a new BenchDesign
BenchDesign-accessorsBenchDesign Accessors
BenchDesign-classBenchDesign class
buildBenchMake SummarizedBenchmark from BenchDesign
compareBDDataCompare BDData objects
compareBDMethodCompare BDMethod objects
compareBenchDesignsCompare BenchDesign objects
dropMethodRemove method from BenchDesign object
estimateMetricsEstimate performance metrics.
expandMethodExpand method in BenchDesign object across parameter settings
hashBDDataConvert BDData to BDData with MD5 Hash
modifyMethodModify definition of method in BenchDesign object
modmethodModify BenchDesign Method
performanceMetricsAccessor and replacement functions for the slot...
plotMethodsOverlapCalls UpSetR for qvalues of a 'SummarizedBenchmark' object.
plotROCPlotting ROC curves
printMethodPretty print methods in a BenchDesign
sbSummarizedBenchmark example
SummarizedBenchmarkConstructor function for SummarizedBenchmark objects.
SummarizedBenchmark-accessorsAccessor and replacement functions for the slots of a...
SummarizedBenchmark-classSummarizedBenchmark class documentation
tdatExample data.frame containing results for 50 two-sample...
tidyBDMethodTidy BDMethod Data
tidyUpMetricsReformat performance metrics to a long format.
updateBenchUpdate SummarizedBenchmark object
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