Man pages for areyesq89/SummarizedBenchmark
A class and methods for benchmarks and comparisons across methods

AccessorsAccessor and replacement functions for the slots of a...
addBMethodAdd new method to BenchDesign object
addDefaultMetricsAdd default performance metrics to a 'SummarizedBenchmark'...
addPerformanceMetricAdd a performance metric definition to a...
BenchDesignCreate a new BenchDesign
buildBenchMake SummarizedBenchmark from BenchDesign
estimateMetricsEstimate performance metrics.
expandBMethodExpand method in BenchDesign object across parameter settings
is.BenchDesignReports whether x is a BenchDesign object
modifyBMethodModify definition of method in BenchDesign object
performanceMetricsAccessor and replacement functions for the slot...
plotMethodsOverlapCalls UpSetR for qvalues of a 'SummarizedBenchmark' object.
plotROCROC curve for 'qvalue' assays
print.BenchDesignPretty print BenchDesign
sbSummarizedBenchmark example
showBMethodPretty print methods in a BenchDesign
SummarizedBenchmarkConstructor function for SummarizedBenchmark objects.
SummarizedBenchmark-classSummarizedBenchmark class documentation
tdatExample data.frame containing results for 50 two-sample...
tidyUpMetricsReformat performance metrics to a long format.
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