Man pages for arnijohnsen/arjtools
Collection of tools used in copy number variation analysis

caaiComplex arm-wise aberration index (CAAI)
coord_to_armGenomic coordinate to chromosome arm
cytoband_mapInformation about cytobands in 5 most recent assemblies
dt_to_385kConverts aCGH data to hg18 385k design
hg17_385k_posLocation of probes in hg17 385k design array
hg17_hg18_mapMap from probes in hg17 385k array design to locations in...
hg18_385k_posLocation of probes in hg18 385k design array
kcmakefilterCreate index from sig_region object
kcsmoothSmooth samples with KCsmart algorithm
probe_to_385kFinds nearest probe on hg18_385k
waaiWhole-arm aberration index (WAAI)
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