Man pages for ashiklom/PEcAnRTM
PEcAn functions used for radiative transfer modeling

bt_check_convergenceCheck convergence of BayesianTools output
burnin.thinBurn-in and thinning of MCMC samples
cbind.spectraCombine spectra by wavelength
check.convergenceCheck convergence of multiple MCMC chains
corr_max_lagCalculate max ACF lag from correlation power analysis
default.settings.prospectDefult inversion settings for PROSPECT 5 models
defparamGet default parameters
dtnormTruncated normal distribution density
EDRED radiative transfer module (EDR) wrapper function
EDR.preprocess.historyPreprocess history file for EDR
fortran_data_moduleList to FORTRAN data module
foursailSAIL model
generalized_plate_modelGeneralized plate model
generate.noiseGenerate autocorrelated spectral noise
generate.rsr.allGenerate RSR matrices for all sensors and return as list
get.EDR.outputRead EDR output
invert.autoInversion with automatic convergence checking
invert_btPerform Bayesian inversion using BayesianTools package
invert.customBayesian inversion of a model
invert.lsqLeast squares model inversion
load.from.nameLoad object from an RData file
lognorm.muFunctions for default priors Lognormal mean parameters
lognorm.sigmaLognormal sigma parameter
matplotMatplot generic method
matplot.defaultMatplot default method
matplot.spectraPlot multiple spectra on same graph
neffEffective sample size
params2edrConvert named parameter vector to EDR-compatible inputs
params.prospect4PROSPECT 4 parameters
params.prospect5PROSPECT 5 parameters
params.prospect5bPROSPECT 5B parameters
params.prospectdPROSPECT D parameters
plot.spectraPlot spectra vs. wavelength
print_results_summaryNeatly print inversion results summary
print.spectraPrint method for spectra S3 class
prior.defaultvals.prospectDefault prior parameters for PROSPECT models
priorfunc.prospectDefault PROSPECT 5 prior function
pro2sCoupled PROSPECT-Two-stream model
pro4sailPRO4SAIL model
pro4saildPRO4SAILD model
prospectPROSPECT (4, 5, or 5B) model
prospect_bt_priorQuick BayesianTools prior creator for PROSPECT model
read.rsr.folderRead and process RSR data from directory
resampleResample vector, matrix, or spectra
rsr.from.fwhmGenerate relative spectral response (RSR) matrix based on...
rtm_loglikeGeneric log-likelihood generator for RTMs
rtnormRandom sampling from one-sided truncated normal distribution
sensor.listSensor spectral response functions
sensor.properSensor list with proper names
setup_edrSetup EDR run
spectraSpectra S3 class
spectral.responseConvolution of spectra to sensor RSR
str.spectraStructure of 'spectra' object
sub-.spectraSelect spectra
sub-subset-.spectraAssign values to spectra by wavelength
sub-sub-.spectraSelect spectra by wavelength
summary_mvnormMultivariate normal fit
summary_simpleSimple summary statistics on MCMC samples
trim.rsrTrim RSR matrix to wavelength limits
wavelengthsRetrieve wavelengths from spectra object
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