Man pages for asmitapoddar/BayesSentinel
Bayes Classification of Spetrometric Data

bestFitLambdaFind best fitted lambda
bestPredLambdaFind best fitted lambda
fit-methodMethod num.
fitSpectra-classCreate a list with covariance matrices of the spectra and...
flipflopImplementing the flip flop algorithm
initialize-methodInitialize an instance of a fitSpectra S4 class.
inversionInversion of matrix
matxMaxFind row and column of maximum element Find row and column of...
percentFind percentage of accuracy Find percentage of accuracy when...
predictClass-classPredict the label classes of the data
predict-methodMethod num.
readMultiSentinelRawDataRead sentinel raw data
readMultiSentinelSmoothedDataRead sentinel smoothed data
regularisationPerform regularisation on covariance matrix
simulate-methodMethod num.
simulateSpectra-classCreate a list with a simulated data set of spectra
tablesModelInversion of matrix
testTrainDivide the data into training and test sets Divide the data...
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