Man pages for aspillaga/fishtrack3d
Analysis of Passive Acoustic Telemetry Data in 3D

bathymetryBathymetric raster
burstInfoExtract information from the names of movement bursts
colorScalePlot the color scale in a spatial chronogram plot
contourPolyCompute UD probability contours from 2D utilization...
dateAxisPlot the X axis of a spatial chronogram plot (dates)
detect2matrixConvert detection data into a matrix
falseDetectIdentify false or spurious detections in acoustic telemetry...
getDayNightClassify the time stamps of a track into 'day' and 'night'...
interpPathInterpolate trajectory into points
leastCostMapGenerate a least cost transition matrix from a topographical...
overlap3dSpatial overlap between several utilization distributions
predictKdePredict utilization distribution (UD) values from a 'kde'...
probRasterCreate a raster of detection probabilities around a receiver
range_testData from an acoustic signal range test experiment
recColorAssign colors to receivers
receiversLocation of acoustic receivers in the Medes Islands
sampleCoordSample pairs of coordinates from a probability raster
shortPathGet the shortest path between two points
spatChronPlotMake spatial chronogram plots with acoustic telemetry data
syntPathGenerate synthetic trajectories of fishes from acoustic...
tColCreate colors with transparency
thinDataThin acoustic telemetry data
timeAxisPlot the Y axis of a spatial chronogram plot (times)
trackingPassive acoustic telemetry data of common dentex in the Medes...
ud3dmeshCompute 3D contour mesh
viewshedViewshed analysis output
volOverlapSpatial overlap between two utilization distributions
volumeUDCalculate utilization distribution probability volumes
voxelizeVoxelize list of trajectories
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