tracking: Passive acoustic telemetry data of common dentex in the Medes...

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Data frame with passive acoustic telemetry monitoring data of two common dentex (Dentex dentex) individuals ('dentex18' and 'dentex43') in the Medes Islands marine reserve (Catalonia, NW Mediterranean Sea). The tracking period took place from 01/Oct/2007 to 31/Dec/2007. Movements were tracked with a fixed array of 16 acoustic receivers.




Data frame with the following columns:

ID of the tagged individual


date and time of each detection, in POSIXt format

ID of the acoustic receiver that registered each detection


depth of the fish, provided by the acoustic transmitters in the coded signals


Aspillaga, E., 2017. Movement ecology of coastal fishes in a marine protected area: implications for management and conservation. Doctoral thesis. Universitat de Barcelona. 218 pp.

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