Man pages for atibot/eqplot
Visualize the earthquake data

bc_datePackage: 'eqplot'
eq_clean_dataClean data function: 'eq_clean_data()'
eq_create_labelCreate annotation label: 'eq_create_label()'
eq_dateGet Date class date from chracter type date reprezentation:...
eq_location_cleanClean the LOCATION_NAME : 'eq_location_clean()'
eq_mapVisualize earthquakes in space: 'eq_map()'
eq_themeNew theme for the timeline plot: 'eq_theme'
geom_timelineGeomTimeline: 'geom_timeline()'
geom_timeline_labelGeomTimeline_label: 'geom_timeline_label()'
raw_dfSignificant earthquakes around the world
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