Man pages for atusy/qntmap
Enhance quantitative analysis of EPMA map

add_centersAdd centroids manually
clusterPoisson distribution based custering based on...
cluster_xmapCluster mapping data into mineral species
find_centersInitialize centroids for 'cluster_xmap()'
find_centers_kppGenerate initial centroids for clustering randomly
group_clustergroup clusters who share same prefix
meanArithmetric mean for 'qntmap' package
pickPick values from mapping data
plotPlot methods for 'qntmap' package
print.qntmap'print' method for 'qntmap' class object
qltmap_cls_centers(DEPRECATED) Use find_centers
qltmap_load(DEPRECATED) Use read_xmap
qntmapInteractively quantify X-ray maps
qntmap_cls_pois(DEPRECATED) Use 'cluster_xmap()'
qntmap_quantify(DEPRECATED) Use quantify.
quantifyQuantify X-ray maps
read_cndread .cnd files
read_qntcompile quantitative data
read_xmapread X-ray map data
save4qmS3 generics to save returned values from functions in QntMap...
segmentSegment mapping area
summary_methodssummary methods
tidy_epmaCompile epma data into a data frame
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