Man pages for azizka/speciesgeocodeR
Prepare Species Distributions for the Use in Phylogenetic Analyses

CalcRangeRange Polygons from Occurrence Points
CalcRangeSizeSpecies Range Size from Occurrence Records
CladeByTraitExtract Clades Based on Trait Values
DESinCreate Input Files for DES-PyRate
IUCNestConvert Range Sizes to IUCN Assessment
landmassGlobal Coastlines
lemursDistribution of Lemur Species
MapRichnessPlotting Species Richness in a Set of Polygons
mdg_biomesWWF Biomes of Madagascar
plot.DESinPlot Method for DESin
PlotHullPlotting Species Ranges
plot.spgeoOUTPlot Method for SpgeoOUT Objects
print.summary.spgeoOUTPrinting method for spgeoOUT summary object
RangeRichnessSpecies Richness Raster from Range Polygons
RichnessGridSpecies Richness and Abundance Grids from Point Records
speciesgeocodeR-defunctDefunct functions in package 'speciesgeocodeR'
speciesgeocodeR-packagePrepare Species Distributions for the Use in Phylogenetic...
Spgc2BiogeobearsGeography Input for BioGeoBEARS
SpGeoCodPoint to Polygon Classification
summary.DESinSummary Method for DESin
write.DESinWrite Method for DESin
WriteOutWrite spgeoOUT Objects to the Working Directory
WwfLoadDownload the WWF Terrestrial Ecoregions
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