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Tools for Customer Lifetime Value Estimation

apparelDynCovTime-varying Covariates for the Apparel Retailer Dataset
apparelStaticCovTime-invariant Covariates for the Apparel Retailer Dataset
apparelTransApparel Retailer Dataset
bgbbBG/BB models - Work In Progress
bgnbdBG/NBD models
bgnbd_CETBG/NBD: Conditional Expected Transactions
bgnbd_expectationBG/NBD: Unconditional Expectation
bgnbd_LLBG/NBD: Log-Likelihood functions
bgnbd_PAliveBG/NBD: Probability of Being Alive
cdnowCDNOW dataset
clv.bgnbd-classResult of fitting the BG/NBD model without covariates
clv.bgnbd.static.cov-classResult of fitting the BG/NBD model with static covariates
clvdataCreate an object for transactional data required to estimate... data to fit CLV models and dynamic covariates data to fit CLV models and static covariates data to fit CLV models
clv.fitted-classFitted model without covariates
clv.fitted.spending-classFitted Spending Model
clv.fitted.transactions-classFitted Transaction Model without covariates
clv.fitted.transactions.dynamic.cov-classFitted CLV Model with Dynamic covariates
clv.fitted.transactions.static.cov-classFitted Transaction Model with Static covariates of fitting the Gamma-Gamma model
clv.ggomnbd-classResult of fitting the GGompertz/NBD model without covariates
clv.ggomnbd.static.cov-classResult of fitting the GGompertz/NBD model with static... Model functionality for BG/NBD without covariates
clv.model.bgnbd.static.cov-classCLV Model functionality for BG/NBD with static covariates
clv.model-classCLV Model providing model related functionalities Model functionality for the Gamma-Gamma spending model Model functionality for GGompertz/NBD without covariates
clv.model.ggomnbd.static.cov-classCLV Model functionality for GGompertz/NBD with static... Model without support for life-trans correlation
clv.model.pnbd.dynamic.cov-classCLV Model functionality for PNBD with dynamic covariates Model functionality for Pareto/NBD without covariates
clv.model.pnbd.static.cov-classCLV Model functionality for Pareto/NBD with static covariates
clv.model.with.correlation-classCLV Model providing life-trans correlation related...
clv.pnbd-classResult of fitting the Pareto/NBD model without covariates
clv.pnbd.dynamic.cov-classResult of fitting the Pareto/NBD model with dynamic...
clv.pnbd.static.cov-classResult of fitting the Pareto/NBD model with static covariates
clv.time-classTime Unit defining conceptual periods based time-units
clv.time.datetime-classPOSIXct based time-units
clv.time.days-classTime unit representing a single Day
clv.time.hours-classTime unit representing a single hour
clv.time.weeks-classTime unit representing a single Week
clv.time.years-classTime unit representing a single Year
CLVTools-packageCustomer Lifetime Value Tools
fitted.clv.fittedExtract Unconditional Expectation
ggGamma/Gamma Spending model
gg_LLGamma-Gamma: Log-Likelihood Function
ggomnbdGamma-Gompertz/NBD model
ggomnbd_CETGGompertz/NBD: Conditional Expected Transactions
ggomnbd_expectationGGompertz/NBD: Unconditional Expectation
ggomnbd_LLGGompertz/NBD: Log-Likelihood functions
ggomnbd_PAliveGGompertz/NBD: Probability of Being Alive
nobs.clv.dataNumber of observations
nobs.clv.fittedNumber of observations
plot.clv.dataPlot actual repeat transactions
plot.clv.fitted.spendingPlot expected and actual mean spending per transaction
plot.clv.fitted.transactionsPlot expected and actual repeat transactions
pnbdPareto/NBD models
pnbd_CETPareto/NBD: Conditional Expected Transactions
pnbd_DERTPareto/NBD: Discounted Expected Residual Transactions
pnbd_expectationPareto/NBD: Unconditional Expectation
pnbd_LLPareto/NBD: Log-Likelihood functions
pnbd_PAlivePareto/NBD: Probability of Being Alive
predict.clv.fitted.spendingPredict customers' future spending
predict.clv.fitted.transactionsPredict CLV from a fitted transaction model
SetDynamicCovariatesAdd Dynamic Covariates to a CLV data object
SetStaticCovariatesAdd Static Covariates to a CLV data object
summary.clv.dataSummarizing a CLV data object
summary.clv.fittedSummarizing a fitted CLV model
summary.clv.timeSummarizing a CLV time object
vcov.clv.fittedCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for CLV Models fitted...
vec_gsl_hyp2f0_eGSL Hypergeom 2f0 for equal length vectors
vec_gsl_hyp2f1_eGSL Hypergeom 2f1 for equal length vectors
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