Man pages for bdsegal/gammaDist
Distribution functions and MLE for gamma random variables

cdfSubUtility function
dgammaDifSaddleSaddlepoint density for difference in means, \bar{x} -...
gfirst derivative of log likelihood
gammaFitMaximum likelihood and method of moments estimates for iid...
hsecond derivative of log likelihood
Kcumulant generating function (CGF)
Kprimefirst derivative of cumulant generating function (CGF)
Kprime2second derivative of cumulant generating function (CGF)
pgammaDifTrue CDF for difference in means \bar{x} - \bar{y}
pgammaDifSaddleSaddlepoint distribution for difference in means, \bar{x} -...
saddleEqnsaddlepoint equation: solve to obtain the saddlepoint \hat{t}
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