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Methods for function chromosome in package oligoClasses ~~


The methods for chromosome extracts the chromosome (represented as an integer) for each marker in a eSet-derived class or a AnnotatedDataFrame-derived class.

signature(object = "AnnotatedDataFrame")

Accessor for chromosome.

signature(object = "eSet")

If 'chromosome' is included in fvarLabels(object), the integer representation of the chromosome will be returned. Otherwise, an error is thrown.

signature(object = "GenomeAnnotatedDataFrame")

Accessor for chromosome. If annotation was not available due to a missing or non-existent annotation package, the value returned by the accessor will be a vector of zero's.

(chromosome(object) <- value): Assign chromosome to the AnnotatedDataFrame slot of an eSet-derived object.

signature(object = "RangedDataCNV")

Accessor for chromosome.


Integer representation: chr X = 23, chr Y = 24, chr XY = 25. Symbols M, Mt, and MT are coded as 26.

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chromosome2integer(c(1:22, "X", "Y", "XY", "M"))

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