Man pages for bergant/nlexperiment
Exploration of NetLogo Agent Based Models

agent_setCreate an agent set reporter
criteriaCriteria expression from a list of expressions
measuresConvert measure list to named vector
nl_default_mappingDefault mapping from R names to NetLogo variables
nl_eval_runEvaluate experiment with specific parameters
nl_eval_tracerIterations call-back factory
nl_experimentCreate NetLogo experiment object
nlexperiment-packagenlexperiment: NetLogo experiments
nl_export_pathGet and set export path
nl_get_fast_sensitivityCalculate sensitivity according to the FAST algorithm
nl_get_param_rangeGet ranges of experiment parameter sets
nl_get_resultGet observations joined with parameter values
nl_map_parameterInternal: maps parameter
nl_netlogo_pathGet and set netlogo path
nl_param_fastGenerate a parameter value sets for the FAST method
nl_param_oatCreate parameter sets with "one-at-a-time" (OAT) approach
nl_param_randomCreate random parameter sets within parameter ranges
nl_parse_modelParse NetLogo model file
nl_runRun NetLogo experiment
nl_set_agent_reportsSet or change agent reports
nl_set_measuresSet or change measures of existing NetLogo experiment
nl_set_param_valuesDefine parameter sets for NetLogo experiment
nl_set_run_optionsSet run options of a NetLogo experiment object
nl_show_paramsPlots parameters with scatter plots
nl_show_patchesPlot multiple patches result
nl_show_stepPlot step measure observations
nl_show_views_gridShow exported views images in a grid
nl_single_exportExport view and/or world for individual run
nl_single_run_setupSet up parameters and setup commands before run
patch_setCreate a patch set reporter
print.nl_experimentPrint NetLogo experiment object
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