Man pages for bernardsilverman/modslavmse
Multiple Systems Estimates for estimating the prevalence of Modern Slavery

cleanuplistsConsolidate counts for identical capture histories
colmergePreprocess incidence matrix
KosovoKosovo data
make_AIC_stepwise_table1Script to return tables for the UK data
make_AIC_stepwise_table2Script to return tables for the non-UK data sets
make_allmodels_plots_scriptPlots of BIC against estimates for all pairwise models
makeformConstruct a model formula for use by MCMCfit()
make_LCMCR_tableA function to make individual Dirichlet entries
make_LCMCR_table_scriptA script to make the whole table
make_madyor_tableGraphical models method
make_madyor_table_scriptGraphical Models script
make_MCMCeffects_table_scriptScript for finding all the effects that survive thresholding...
make_MCMCfit_tables_scriptPrint out all the tables for the method of Silverman (2018)
make_MCMC_tableTable for Bayesian approach of Silverman (2018)
MCMCeffectsFind effects that survive the threshold
MCMCfitMarkov Chain Monte Carlo Multiple Systems Estimation
mergelistsMerge specified lists into a single list
MSEfitFit MSE model using the 'Rcapture' routine 'closedpCI.t()'
MSEretconfPostprocess results from MSEfit
NedNetherlands data
Ned_5Netherlands data five list version
NewOrlNew Orleans data
NewOrl_5New Orleans data five list version
omitlistsOmit one or more of the lists in an incidence matrix
removeemptyoverlapsRemove pairs of lists with zero overlap
UKdatUK data
UKdat_4UK data four list version
UKdat_5UK data five list version
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