makeMulticlassWrapper: Fuse learner with multiclass method.

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Fuses a base learner with a multi-class method. Creates a learner object, which can be used like any other learner object. This way learners which can only handle binary classification will be able to handle multi-class problems, too.

We use a multiclass-to-binary reduction principle, where multiple binary problems are created from the multiclass task. How these binary problems are generated is defined by an error-correcting-output-code (ECOC) code book. This also allows the simple and well-known one-vs-one and one-vs-rest approaches. Decoding is currently done via Hamming decoding, see e.g. here

Currently, the approach always operates on the discrete predicted labels of the binary base models (instead of their probabilities) and the created wrapper cannot predict posterior probabilities.


makeMulticlassWrapper(learner, mcw.method = "onevsrest")



(Learner | character(1))
The learner. If you pass a string the learner will be created via makeLearner.


(character(1) | function)
“onevsone” or “onevsrest”. You can also pass a function, with signature function(task) and which returns a ECOC codematrix with entries +1,-1,0. Columns define new binary problems, rows correspond to classes (rows must be named). 0 means class is not included in binary problem. Default is “onevsrest”.



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