Man pages for bhklab/RadioGx

checkRSetStructureA function to verify the structure of a RadioSet
computeAUCcomputeAUC: computes AUC
computeD10Compute D10
computeSF2Compute SF2
dim-RadioSet-methodGet the dimensions of a RadioSet
linearQuadraticModelFit linear-quadratic curves to dose-response data
plotCurvePlot radiation dose-response curve
radiationInforadiationInfo Generic
radiationInfo-setradiationInfo<- Generic
radiationTypesradiationTypes Generic
radiationTypes-setradiationTypes<- Generic
RadioSetRadioSet constructor
RadioSet-classA Class to Contain RadioGenomic datasets together with their...
radSensitivitySigCreates a signature representing the association between gene...
rSetNamerSetName Generic
show-RadioSet-methodShow a PharamcoSet
show-RadioSig-methodShow RadioGx Signatures
showSigAnnotShow the Annotations of a signature object
subsetToA function to subset a RadioSet to data containing only...
summarizeMolecularProfilesTakes molecular data from a PharmacoSet, and summarises them...
summarizeSensitivityProfilesTakes the sensitivity data from a RadioSet, and summarises...
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