Man pages for biostatUniBS/RcmdrPlugin.RDataXMan
Rcmdr RDataXMan Plug-in

extractUIExtract data followed by the users' requirements.
genIncUIGenerate Inclusion Criteria
genVarUIGenerate Variable List
initDBData Setup
initORECreate the UI to establish an ORE connection
initwkCreate the UI to establish the current working directory
is.charvTest x is identical to empty string
is.charv2Test x is identical to NA
is.charv3Test x is identical to char(0)
is.charv4Test x is identical to NULL
is.charv5Test x is not equal to TRUE, FALSE, Union or Intersection
is.charv6Test x is identical to int0
is.log1Test x is logical
loadDBAutomatically load a passed saved database profile in the...
maskingtoolLaunch masking tool from GitHub
pickTableDisplay UI to select a new database table
QuotationMarkAddBuild string with quote marks
saveDBSave the current database profile in the research folder
saveJobWrites a file intended to save the execution string to disk
setrschfldDisplay the UI to set the research base directory
setupwizardDisplay the wizard to identify the users data file/database...
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