WaterSpec35: A test-purpose collection of inland water data

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A dataframe contains WaterSpec35 data




A dataframe with 35 rows by 17 cols


This dataset is a part of research of Bi et al. (2019) for testing the package 'FCMm'. Colnames are "SampleID, Chla, 400, 412.5, 442.5, 490, 510, 560, 620, 665, 673.75, 681.25, 708.75, 753.75, 778.75, 865, 885"


The dataset should be only used in this package test. If any want to use it in your own study, he or she should contact us via bishun1994 at foxmail or liyunmei at njnu.edu.cn


Bi S, Li Y, Xu J, et al. Optical classification of inland waters based on an improved Fuzzy C-Means method[J]. Optics Express, 2019, 27(24): 34838-34856.

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