An R library for creating Next-Generation Clustered Heat Maps (NG-CHM)

A docker image containing RStudio with this library preinstalled is available. Follow the instructions for using rstudio, but substitute "bmbroom/rstudio-ngchm" for the name of the repository.

To install this package into your own R system:

> install.packages("devtools")
> devtools::install_github("bmbroom/tsvio")
> devtools::install_github("bmbroom/NGCHMR", ref="stable")

You might also choose to install the beta version of the library, or for the really daring the master branch.

The installed library will be called NGCHM:

> library (NGCHM)

To use this library you need access to a local NG-CHM server. A system administrator can create a local instance of a docker based NG-CHM server by following these instructions.

You will also need to create a configuration file describing, among other things, the NG-CHM server(s) to which you have access.

A basic guide to creating NG-CHMs using the library is available at .

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