Man pages for bnicenboim/eeguana
A package for flexible manipulation of EEG data an eeg_lst to a (base) data frame.
as_tibble.eeg_lstConvert an eeg_lst to a wide table.
as_timeConvert a sample point into a time point.
betweenConvenience function for range subsets
bindBind eeg_lst objects.
channel_dblBuilds a channel.
channels_tblFunctions to get or set the channel information of an eeg_lst...
ch_baselineBaseline an eeg_lst
ch_rereferenceRereference a channel or group of channels.
chs_funGet the by-sample (or by-row) function of the specified...
chs_meanGet the by-sample (or by-row) mean of the specified channels.
count_complete_cases_tblCount number of complete segments of an eeg_lst object.
downsampleDownsample EEG data
dplyr-eeguanaDplyr functions for manipulating eeg_lst objects.
eeg_lstBuilds an eeg_lst.
eeguanaeeguana: A package for flexible manipulation of EEG data.
eventsFunctions to get or set the events table of an eeg_lst...
event_to_ch_NARemove (transform to NA) problematic events from an eeg_lst.
filtApply a Butterworth IIR filter.
interpolate_tblCreate a table with interpolated signals of an eeg_lst...
is_channel_dblTest if the object is a channel This function returns TRUE...
is_eeg_lstTest if the object is an eeg_lst. This function returns TRUE...
is_sample_intTest if the object is a sample This function returns TRUE for...
is_signal_tblTest if the object is a signal_tbl This function returns TRUE...
join-eeguanaDplyr functions for joining data frames to the segments of...
plot.eeg_lstSimple plot an eeg_lst object.
plot_ggggplot object based on an eeg_lst object.
plot_topoA topographic plot.
read_ftRead a Fieldtrip file into an eeg_lst object (requires...
read_vhdrRead a BrainVision file into an eeg_lst object.
sample_intBuilds a series of sample numbers.
segmentSegment an eeg_lst.
signal_tblBuilds a signal_tbl table.
summarize_chSummarize multiple channels
summaryDisplay information of the eeg_lst object.
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