bogind/SIRItoGTFS: Compare SIRI datasets to GTFS tables

Allows the user to compare SIRI data sets to their GTFS counterparts a "Request_id" column us needed for the SIRI data frame in order to subset parts of it for use. the order of functions use is this: read the SIRI data into a dataframe object SIRIdf2 <- SubsetSIRI(SIRIdf, i) #i is the lineref you want to check, it is reccomended to perform all actions in a for loop over each line ref SIRIdf3 <- organizeSIRIdf(SIRIdf2, noduplicates = TRUE, round = FALSE) StimesforSIRI <- substoptimes(SIRIdf3, GTFSstop_times = GTFSstop_times, GTFSroutes = GTFSroutes) # organizeStopTimes takes the output of substoptimes and makes it ready for # comparison against the SIRI data frame Stimes2 <- organizeStopTimes(Stimes = StimesforSIRI, SIRIdf3 = SIRIdf3) # and this part will remove duplicates # to check this does not need to chagne the DF # SIRIdf <- SIRIdf[!duplicated(SIRIdf$key),] #Only for one line... this will not work for multiple lines SIRIstops <- StopsForSIRI(SIRI = SIRIdf3,stops = GTFSstops) # DF of staions per line # for a generic version you can use SIRItoSP with use of an EPSG code, if you do not provide an EPSG you will get your points on the israel TM grid spSIRI <- SIRItoILTM(SIRIdf3) spstops <- stopstoILTM(SIRIstops) # change pointsDF to point with ITM # nearest stop returns a SpatialPointsDataFrame object # if you want it to save to dataframe use the last row (SIRIdf2 <- [email protected]) spSIRI <- NearestStop(spSIRI,spstops) SIRIdf4 <- [email protected] # subsets the data frame further, leaving only the colsest call, per stop, per trip SIRIdf5 <- SIRIKeepClosestStop(SIRIdf4) # both these actions did not require specific functions, they join the SIRI # data to it's rellevant GTFSstop_times data and creates a time difference column # which is used to check the amount of time the bus was early/late per stop. fullans <- right_join(SIRIdf5,Stimes2, by = c("key3" = "key")) fullans$timediff <- as.numeric(difftime(fullans$RecordedAtTime,fullans$arrival_time, units = "mins")) ans2 <- fullans[,c("RecordedAtTime","arrival_time", "timediff", "distance", "key3", "stop_code","stop_sequence","stop_lon","stop_lat","OriginAimedDepartureTime" )]

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