Man pages for bogind/SIRItoGTFS
Compare SIRI datasets to GTFS tables

addtripnumadd a trip number
downloadGTFSildownload the israeli GTFS .zip file
isoutlieridentify spatial outliers
loadcsvfromZIPload multiple csv files to the environment
loadcsv_multiload multiple csv files to the environment
loadGTFSload GTFS files from folder
loadGTFSfromURLload GTFS tables directly from a zipped file in a URL
loadGTFSfromZIPload GTFS tables from a .zip file
lowmemST2POSIXconvert SIRI columns to POSIXct on low memory machines
NearestStopfind the nearest stop
organizeSIRIdfOrganize the SIRI data.frame
organizeStopTimesorganizes the Stop times table
readGTFSread GTFS files from a folder into R's environment
SIRIKeepClosestStopKeep only the closest stop
sirisampleA SIRI data frame sample
SIRItoILTMconverts SIRIspdf to a TM grid
SIRItoPOSIXctconvert SIRI time column to POSIXct
SIRItoSPConvert SIRIdf to SIRI spatial points data frame
Stops4SIRIsubset stops for SIRIdf
StopsForSIRIsubset stops for SIRIdf
stopstoILTMconverts SIRIstops(spdf) to a TM grid
stopstoSPconverts SIRIstops(spdf) to a TM grid
StopTimes2POSIXctconverts a Stoptimes column to POSIXct
SubsetSIRISubset your SIRI dataset to only one lineref
substoptimesSubset the stoptimes table to refrence SIRIdf
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