Man pages for bomeara/treevo
Using ABC to Understand Trait Evolution

boxcoxTransformationBox-Cox Transformation for Simulation Summary Values
compareListIPDPlot Interparticle Distance between Runs
doRunRun Approximate Bayesian Computation for Phylogenetic...
doSimulationDiscrete-Time Character Simulation
extrinsicModelsExtrinsic Character Evolution Models
getBMRatePriorGet Brownian Motion Rate Prior
highestDensityIntervalHighest Density Interval
intrinsicModelsIntrinsic Character Evolution Models
landscapeFPK_IntrinsicIntrinsic Trait Evolution Model for a Macroevolutionary...
methodsPLSFitting Univariate Partial Least Squares Models to Free...
multiOptimaIntrinsicSingle Evolutionary Regime Model with Multiple Optima
pairwiseESSPairwise Effective Sample Size
pairwiseKSPairwise Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
parentOffspringPlotsPlotting Parent-Offspring Particles
plotABC_3D3D ABCplots
plotPosteriorsPlot posterior distributions
plotPriorPostPlotting, Summarizing and Comparing the Prior and Posterior...
simRunExampleExample Analysis Output of a Simulated Dataset
simulateWithPriorsSimulate data for initial TreEvo analysis
summarizePosteriorSummarize Posterior Distribution for a Free Parameter
testMultivarOutlierHDRTest If an Outlier Is Within a Highest Density Region of a...
TreEvo-packageTreEvo-abc for comparative methods
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