Man pages for bonartm/cheopsr
Talking to the Hight Performance CHEOPS Cluster at the University of Cologne

cheops_cancelCancel a running SLURM job
cheops_getlogGet a log file from a submitted job
cheops_installInstall a package on the cluster
cheops_install_githubInstall a package from github on the cluster
cheops_jobsList the users running SLURM jobs
cheops_lapplyMake a parallel load balancing lapply call on the cluster
cheops_modulesList all or R specific modules available on CHEOPS
cheopsrTalk to the HPC cluster at the University of Cologne.
cheops_readRDSRestore a single R Object from the cluster
cheops_readtableRead in a table file from the cluster
cheops_runRun a function on the cluster
cheops_saveRDSSave an object on the cluster
cheops_slurmcontrolOptions for a SLURM task
cheops_submitSubmit a sbatch job to the cluster
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