Man pages for borishejblum/TcGSA
Time-Course Gene Set Analysis

chisqmixChi-Squared Mixtures Distribution
clustTrendCluster the genes dynamics into different dominant trends.
data_simu_TcGSASimulated Data for TcGSA
multtest.TcGSAComputing the P-value of the Likelihood Ratios Applying a...
plot1GSPlotting a Specific Gene Set
plotFit.GSPlotting function for exploring the fitness of the mixed...
plotMultipleGSPlotting Multiple Gene Sets in a single plot
plotPat.1GSPlotting a Specific Gene Set Stratifying on Patients
plotPat.TcGSAPlot a Gene Set Trends Heatmap for each Patient.
plotSelect.GSPlotting (several) Selected Gene Set(s) in some Subjects
plot.TcGSAPlot a Gene Set Trends Heatmap.
pval_simuComputing P-values with a Simulated Sample from the Null...
signifLRT.TcGSAIdentifying the Significant Gene Sets
summary.TcGSASummarizing TcGSA
TcGSA-internalInternal TcGSA Functions
TcGSA.LRComputing the Likelihood Ratios for the Gene Sets under...
TcGSA.LR.parallelParallel computing the Likelihood Ratios for the Gene Sets...
TcGSA-packageTime-course Gene Set Analysis
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