Man pages for bpbond/cosore
Continuous Soil Respiration Database

combine_dataCombine all datasets into a single list
csr_buildBuild the cosore dataset
csr_emailsExtract contact emails
csr_make_releaseMake a new COSORE release
csr_tableExtract one table ('description', 'data', etc.) of all...
extract_lineParse labels from information files
insert_lineInsert new line(s) into existing metadata files.
list_datasetsList datasets available to build
map_columnsMap data columns to new names/values.
parse_d20190430_DESAIParse a custom eofFD (forced diffusion) file from...
parse_d20190504_SAVAGE_hf006-03Parse a custom file from d20190504_SAVAGE_hf006-03.
parse_d20190504_SAVAGE_hf006-05Parse a custom file from d20190504_SAVAGE_hf006-05
parse_d20190527_GOULDENParse a custom file from d20190527_GOULDEN
parse_d20190617_SCOTT_SRMParse a custom file from d20190617_SCOTT_SRM
parse_d20190617_SCOTT_WHSParse a custom file from d20190617_SCOTT_WHS
parse_d20190617_SCOTT_WKGParse a custom file from d20190617_SCOTT_WKG
parse_d20190617_SCOTT_xxxParse one of the d20190617_SCOTT custom files
parse_d20190830_LIANGParse a custom file from d20190830_LIANG
parse_LI-8100A_RAWRead raw multiplexed Licor-8100 data
parse_LI8100_fileParse a LI-8100 (with LI-8150 multiplexer) data file
parse_PROCESSEDRead processed data in whitespace-delimited format
parse_PROCESSED_CSVRead processed data in CSV format
rbind_listBind a list of data frames (with possibly non-identical...
read_ancillary_fileRead dataset ANCILLARY file
read_columns_fileRead dataset COLUMNS file
read_contributors_fileRead dataset CONTRIBUTORS file
read_csv_dataRead comma-separated data from a character vector
read_datasetRead a complete dataset from raw files
read_description_fileRead dataset DESCRIPTION file
read_fileRead a text file and strip out comments
read_ports_fileRead dataset PORTS file
resolve_datasetGet the full path of a dataset folder(s)
run_all_reportsRun all individual dataset reports
run_combined_reportRun a summary report on the entire COSORE database
run_single_reportRun a single dataset report
split_licor_fileSplit a raw Licor (*.81x) file into pieces.
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