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Brad's functions (bfuncs)

This repository is a random smattering of functions I wrote for myself, but you can use them too.

Installation instructions:

devtools::install_github("brad-cannell/bfuncs", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Programing functions

Functions that help with writing functions, but on their own, don't produce any result that is useful for manipulating or analyzing data (think %>%).

Simulation functions

Functions created specifically to help with simulations.

Data wrangling functions

Functions that manipulate data in some way. But, in and of themselves, do not produce generally meaningful statistics of interest about the data.

Data analysis functions

Functions that take data as an input and produces some numerical summary or visualization about the data.

Presentation and dissemination functions

Functions that help with assist with making the data itself, or the results of statistical analyses of the data, more accessible to people unfamiliar with the data (think tables and visualizations for publication).

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