Man pages for brad-cannell/bfuncs
This Repository Is A Random Smattering Of Functions I Wrote For Myself - You Can Use Them Too

about_dataReturns the Number of Observations and Variables in a Data...
check_join_conflictsCompare Values of Non-Joined Duplicate Variables After...
codebookAutomate creation of a data codebook
codebook_add_col_attributesAdd Attributes to Columns
codebook_add_descriptionAdd Description Text to Codebook
codebook_add_section_headerCreate Formatted Section Header
codebook_add_summary_statsCalculate Appropriate Statistics for Variable Type
codebook_add_textCreate Formatted Text
codebook_add_titleOptionally Add Title and Subtitle to Codebook
codebook_get_col_attributesGet Column Attributes
codebook_get_df_attributesGet Data Frame Attributes
codebook_summary_stats_few_catsCompute Summary Statistics for Categorical Variables with Few...
codebook_summary_stats_many_catsCompute Summary Statistics for Categorical Variables with...
codebook_summary_stats_numericCompute Summary Statistics for Numeric Variables
codebook_summary_stats_timeCompute Summary Statistics for Time Variables
codebook_summary_stats_to_ftCreate Formatted Flextable From Summary Statistics
codebook_theme_col_attrFormat Column Attributes Flextable
codebook_theme_df_attributesFormat Data Frame Attributes Flextable
conf_matrixConfusion Matrix
count_idsCount the number of unique ID's
format_tableFormat freq_table and mean_table Output for Publication and...
freq_tableEstimate Percents and 95 Percent Confidence Intervals in...
freq_testHypothesis Testing For Frequency Tables
get_group_nFormatted Group Sample Size for Tables
mean_centerMean Center Numeric Variables
mean_tableEstimate Percents and 95 Percent Confidence Intervals in...
tabstatCompact Table of Summary Statistics
widen_columnsCreate Multiple Sequentially Numbered Columns Containing A...
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