Man pages for brent0/kmlbuilder
Build KML Files from Data Frames

addAbstractViewAdd Abstract view to KML Object
addBalloonStyleAdd BalloonStyle to KML Object
addFolderAdd Return and Remove Folder to and from KML file Structure
addGroundOverlayAdd a Ground Overlay to kml
addIconStyleAdd IconStyle to KML Object
addLabelStyleAdd LabelStyle to KML Object
addLineStringAdd LineString features to a kml
addLineStyleAdd LineStyle to KML Object
addListStyleAdd ListStyle to KML Object
addNetworkLinkAdd NetworkLink
addNetworkLinkControlAdd NetworkLink Control
addPointAdd Point Features
addPolygonAdd Polygon features to a kml
addPolyStyleAdd PolyStyle to KML Object
addScreenOverlayAdd a Screen Overlay to kml
addStyleMapCreate Mouseover Effects with Style
interactiveBalloonStyleInteractively Create BalloonStyle
interactiveIconStyleInteractively Create IconStyle
interactiveLabelStyleInteractively Create LabelStyle
interactiveLineStyleInteractively Create LineStyle
interactivePolyStyleInteractively Create PolyStyle
kmlbuilder-packageCreate Keyhole Markup Language from R
liststylesPrint kml Styles
loadStyleWrite kml Object to file
previewPreview a kml Object
removeStyleRemove Style
saveStyleWrite/load kml style Object to/from file
styleBuilderInteractive Style Builder
writekmlWrite kml Object to file
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