Man pages for brian-j-smith/qibm
Quantitative imaging biomarker modeling

BiasRelative Mean Bias
CIndexConcordance Index
CorBetween-Method Correlation
describeDescriptive Summaries
GOFModel Goodness of Fit
hncNCI QIN Head and Neck Cancer PET Segmentation Challenge
ICCIntra-Class Correlation Coefficient
LRMLogistic Regression Model Estimates
LRMCoefLogistic Regression Intercept and Slope
print-MCMCDescribe-methodPint Values
qibmQuantitative Imaging Biomarker Model
RCRepeatability Coefficient
RDCReproducibility Coefficient
wCVWithin-Subject Coefficient of Variation
with.qibmEvaluate an Expression in Quantitative Imaging Biomarker...
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