Man pages for brianbennettphd/goSTAG
A tool to use GO Subtrees to Tag and Annotate Genes within a set

annotateClustersAnnotate Clusters
goSTAG_example_gene_listsgoSTAG Example Gene Lists
goSTAG_go_genes_humangoSTAG GO Genes (Human)
goSTAG_go_genes_mousegoSTAG GO Genes (Mouse)
goSTAG_go_genes_ratgoSTAG GO Genes (Rat)
goSTAG-packagegoSTAG Package
groupClustersGroup Clusters
loadGeneListsLoad Gene Lists
loadGOTermsLoad GO Terms
performGOEnrichmentPerform GO Enrichment
performHierarchicalClusteringPerform Hierarchical Clustering
plotHeatmapPlot Heatmap
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