Man pages for bristolmathmodellers/biddmodellingcourse
Practicals and Code for the BIDD Modelling Short Course

pipePipe operator
plot_historic_prop_pul_tbPlot Historic Proportions of Pulmonary/Extra-Pulmonary TB
plot_historic_tb_ewPlot Historic TB Notifications in England and Wales
plot_modelPlot Compartment Populations over Time for a Model Simulation
pretty_figrefPretty Figure Reference
pretty_tablePretty tables
pretty_tabrefPretty Table Reference
SI_odeA Simple Susceptible-Infected Infectious Disease Model
solve_odeA Simple Wrapper for lsoda
summarise_modelSummarise a Model Simulation
tb_interventions_timelineTuberculosis Interventions Timeline
tb_not_ewTuberculosis Notifications in England and Wales
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