Man pages for brodieG/treeprof
Visualize Rprof Results as a Tree

as.character.treeprofTransform treeprof Output Into Text Representation a Treeprof object to 'data.table'
as.dtConvert a Treeprof object to 'data.table'
by_funPer Function Summary
chop_stack_recurseRecursively Descend into Rprof Ouput to Create Data for...
clean_messageOutputs a Message For Overwriting
collapse_passthru_funRemove All Intermediate Levels of a Passthrough
collapse_passthru_funsApplies All Defined Passthrus
get_descendant_nodesGet ”ids” of Descendant Nodes
get_par_nodesGet ”ids” of Parent Node For Each Node
melt_profGenerate The Final Treeprof Object
normalizeConverts to desired time units
parse_linesConverts ”Rprof” Output to Matrix
passthru_definedList of Passthrus to Collapse
passthru_funRepresents Pass Through Function We Wish to Condense In Call...
run_rprofActually Run the Code and Capture ”Rprof” Output
shinyfyInteractive UI For Exploring Benchmarks
sort.treeprofSort A Treeprof
summarizeCompute High Level Summary of ”treeprof”
time_formatDisplay Time In Reasonable Units
time_perRetrive the Time Per Iteration of the treeprof
treeprofProfile with Rprof and Display As Tree
trim_branchPresents A Pruned Version of A Branch
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